Participatory Museum Assignment

Participatory Museum Group Project

Project due: Thursday, May 28th

Exhibition: West Michigan Area Show, May 9-August 9

KIA hours: Closed Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays 11-5 pm, Thursdays and Fridays 11-8 pm, Sundays 12-5 pm. Student admission is $2 with ID.

Assignment: Design an engaging, participatory experience for a typical museum visitor using the artwork on display in the KIA’s West Michigan Area Show, the principles set forth by Nina Simon’s book, The Participatory Museum, as well as your own observations about participatory experiences in the museums you have visited.

Nina Simon defines a participatory museum as a place where visitors can create, share, and connect with each other around content. How does your activity encourage visitors to construct their own meaning of the artwork on display and share/connect that meaning with others?

Your presentation will consist of a written proposal that encompasses your complete plan for creating a participatory experience for the West Michigan Area Show. Your group will also be responsible for completing one component of your proposal to completion. For example, if your proposal includes a series of video interviews with artists, wall labels, and an audio tour, then your group presentation must have one component of your proposal completed for demonstration and interaction by the class.

Think carefully about who your multiple audiences might be, and what types of experiences would best engage them. Figure out your team’s overarching goal in creating a participatory experience.

Experiences can be high tech or low tech, whatever fits best with the goals of the experience.

In your group presentation, please provide:

  • Overview of the artwork(s) chosen
  • Detailed description of the activity including the goals of the activity and the target audience (photos, samples, drawings, etc. are encouraged to help visualize)
  • Materials required
  • Budget
  • One activity completed and available for demonstration

Proposals and activities will be presented during our final Thursday evening session at the KIA. Each group will have 10 minutes to present their proposal and demo their activity.